‘Photography is not a job, it is a passion’
~ Lana Rainbow


LANA RAINBOW PHOTOGRAPHY offers quality images in
Beauty | Fashion | Maternity | Newborn

Lana is mainly based in Athlone, co. Westmeath and in Portarlington/Portlaoise, co. Laois on a part-time basis.

Lana Rainbow offers you no typical experience of a stiff and boring studio photo shoot. Forget the backdrops, roasting and blinding lights and props that do not match your personality, and step outside into the world of colours! Bring outfits that are true to you, not the ones that would go well with the backdrops. Outdoors is what Lana considers her studio. Natural light compliments skin tones best, and working on location ensures that Lana always has a different setting for every session, making photographs look fresh and unique.

With Newborns Lana works in the comfort of your own home, because nothing is more comforting for a newly born baby than the settings they have already got to know. It is also less stressing for new mammies and daddies. Lifestyle shots of your new baby is an excellent way to preserve the memories of your child’s first days at home forever.


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  1. Hi Lana! Had a good school friend named Lana I believe. Hey, thanks for the visit and following us! I look forward to sharing visits.


      1. Thanks, Lana. You drop by anytime. I will be adding more articles over the next few days and weeks. I look forward to finding time to look your site over too.

        Enjoy your day,

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