Hi, I am Lana.

If you are looking to have photographs that are real and natural, I am here to help you out. My approach to photography is relaxed and fun. I choose raw, organic, natural beauty of a person over Photoshop and unnatural posing.

From beauty and personal branding to family and newborn, I offer a wide variety of photography services to match your needs.


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‘Photography is not a job, it is a passion’

~ Lana Ash


Lana first took up photography as a hobby over 10 years ago, thinking of all the beautiful places in the world and thought she would contribute to the  collection of photos of natural wonders, seasons, animals and the picture-perfect cityscapes. This all had changed when a special friend introduced her into the world of portrait photography.

Lana spent the first year experimenting with shooting inside, under the studio lights and outside, finally developing passion for outdoors portraits that enabled her to capture both the beauty of a person and the diverse atmosphere of natural surroundings and cities.

If you want beautiful photographs that tell a story but think that posing in a studio is too formal and awkward, if you prefer a light and fun-filled photo session instead, then do not hesitate to contact us now to book your session.

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Our Services

Beauty & Fashion

Whether you are wishing to start a modelling career and require to build a portfolio, or you just want to showcase beautiful photographs of yourself on your Facebook or Instagram page or maybe even your sitting room wall, Lana Rainbow Photography offers Beauty and Fashion photo sessions that will make you feel like a model.


Expecting a new baby is a magical time that, like all good things, passes all too quickly. A mother of 2, Lana could never had enough photographs to commemorate this beautiful and special time. That is why Lana loves offering Maternity photo sessions to make your memories of the magical time last forever. These sessions could be done outside to feature the place and the season, or inside your beautiful home as a lifestyle session to include the nursery, baby clothes and toys – it is a perfect way to show your child how you were preparing for their arrival.


Lifestyle sessions are best suited for creative people and professionals like athletes, dancers, bloggers, writers, musicians, artists and entrepreneurs who wish to capture a glimpse of their lifestyle and share it with their followers and fans. These images will feature your favourite sports, foods, clothes, places – whatever makes you you.


Corporate photographs is the extension of Lifestyle, with a more formal side to it. They could be headshots or full length photographs, featuring your workplace or not, depending on your requirements.

Blogger Collaboration

If you are a fashion blogger or blogger of any kind and you would like to collaborate, please do not hesitate to contact me either via e-mail or on my Instagram page.



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